Knowing is not enough...YOU MUST APPLY!

Often people misuse luxuries in LIFE. Time plays a big role in everyone's life. Are you using it effectively? Don't hesitate on what you can do today for tomorrow...Life doesn't Last 4ever!

I am Marco but most know me as MarcRod, I live a pretty interesting life! If I was to tell you about it, you may be like others and think I am just crazy!

So if you want to find out a bit....just ask. 

My biggest passion in life is helping people, teaching people and coaching them. I am simple, spontaneous and different from most. I live by integrity and respect. I am a marketing guy, a sales guy, an entrepreneur. When times are rough, I don’t shy away from doing things right, and I never, ever give up. 

I have lived all over the world, (Greece, Italy, Spain, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, California, Indiana) but Chicago is my birthplace and the home I always return to. I love culture, people, music and travel. 

I love to learn! Teach me something new that I will never forget. I can’t get enough of history, the stories told by others, on how things started and how they made it to where they are at.

I am bold, blunt and full of energy. I am the guy next door. I live to stand on the brink of amazing moments. My past has taught me that discipline is the foundation for success. 

I am the all American Veteran that never forgets his roots. I have stood beside other brothers and sisters with pride, protecting the Red, White and Blue. I get chills when I hear the national anthem. I stand solid with two feet on the ground and my head held high. I love this country for everything it has to offer and feel that most don’t understand its true value. 

I love my background...Latino or doesn't matter ser Mexicano, duro y directo...unidos se puede hacer todo!

I am writing a book called "Always Running, it's not a's my life!"

I have great friends which are hard to find. I love life and taking chances. If I fall hard, I get back up wipe the dirt off and keep going. I am a father, a son, a brother, not much different than most of you reading this but I am here for those who need it. Take some time to see who I am, how I work and let’s become friends.

The greatest thing in my life right now is waking up every morning, hitting the gym by 5am with my son! Watching him grow, having our daily chats, spotting him for that next rep and just enjoying the moment is priceless